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The southwestern United States is experiencing an explosion in housing. Phoenix has been particularly affected by this phenomenon, growing 24% since 2000. In fact, after Las Vegas, Phoenix is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. This will inevitably make parking in Phoenix increasingly difficult in years to come. As surprising as it might sound, Phoenix is also the most populous state capital in America, with just over 1.5 million people. Contributing to difficult parking in Phoenix for many years was the lack of a rail transit system in one of the country's largest cities. That is scheduled to change in 2008 when the Phoenix METRO Rail is scheduled to open; however, given the rail's limited scope, many commuters will still need to drive to a rail stop, even if they are taking the METRO into downtown. If you're one of these commuters, can still help you find affordable parking in Phoenix.

Heading to the ballgame at the BOB (now Chase Field)? Use to find parking in Phoenix near the ballpark and avoid high-priced parking garages. Residents near the Diamondbacks home stadium with extra parking use to rent out their parking on a short-term basis. Use some of the money you save on parking to head to a few more games each year. Chase Field is a great place for the family and for baseball fans. It was the second retractable roof stadium in baseball and the first to feature real grass. The stadium was designed by Ellerbe Becket, an architectural firm that also designed Centennial Olympic Stadium for the 1996 Olympics. Among its amenities, Chase Field features the largest high-definition screen in Major League Baseball and a swimming pool (rented out to patrons at a $6,500 price tag). It is also one of the only baseball stadiums to feature a dirt strip between home plate and the pitcher's mound.

Parking in Phoenix doesn't have to be a hassle. Using's advanced tools, you can find the parking accommodations to meet your needs. Find parking in Phoenix by price, distance, or duration. And if you're heading out of town, you can use to find parking in Austin, parking in Dallas, and parking in Cincinnati to name a few places.

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